Our philosophy at Ventura Total Dentistry is very simple: Treat each patient exactly how you would want to be treated yourself and keep a relaxed yet professional atmosphere for each of our patients.

We treat each patient as an individual and then educate them as to the conditions in their mouth, the need to do, or not to do, possible treatment and what options are available to them. Even though many patient’s case may seem very similar to another, no treatment is exactly the same.

Dr. Michael Horwitz DDS has practiced dentistry since the development of most of our present day procedures and materials. Throughout his dental career, Dr. Horwitz has adopted a philosophy of Tooth Conserving Dentistry. Newer materials and procedures allow us to save tooth structure, repair teeth or replace teeth in a more conservative manner than what was previously available to the dental community.

Ventura Total Dentistry specializes in the following areas of General Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry:

We welcome new patients to Ventura Total Dentistry and look forward to the opportunity to inform and educate them as to what is available. Most important, we wish to create a great dental experience for our patients on every visit!

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