Periodontal Treatment


Periodontal treatment is the care and treatment of the hard and soft tissues that support the teeth (gums and bone). The simplest form of periodontal therapy is simply a thorough cleaning of the teeth and tissues surrounding the teeth. As stated, when discussing other dental treatments, diagnosis of the existing periodontal health is always the primary concern.

If the overall periodontal health is good, then a dental cleaning and exam is the only recommended treatment. If there has been an extended time since any dental treatment, it may require more than one appointment to thoroughly clean the teeth.

Occasionally, there maybe quite a bit of calculus and plaque built up that a single appointment to clean each quarter of the mouth may be needed. If there has been breakdown to the supporting structures of the teeth, then additional treatments may be required. This is always determined after a thorough examination with x-rays and on an individual basis. Also, as with all dental treatments, pros, cons, and alternatives are always discussed.

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