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Do I Really Need A Dental Filling?

Have you ever been told by a dentist that you have a cavity? Have been told by that same dentist that you need a dental filling? Have you ever wondered if they were actually telling you the truth? Well, the … Continue reading

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How Often Should I Get X-Rays on My Teeth?

When it comes to how often you should get your teeth x-rayed, the bitewing x-ray schedule is a good guide to go by. Bitewing x-rays are taken approximately once a year.  These specific x-rays show between the teeth, which visually … Continue reading

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What’s Really Important When Visiting A Dental Office

The most important thing for you to take away when visiting a dental office is walking away with enough information to make the best next decision for your dental health. Your dentist should provide you a clear understanding of the … Continue reading

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The Single Greatest Reason People Do Not See the Dentist

The single greatest reason people do not see the dentist is Fear.  It’s fear of a lot of things. It’s fear that they’re going to feel something.  It’s fear tat they’re going to be uncomfortable.  It may be that they … Continue reading

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