The Single Greatest Reason People Do Not See the Dentist

The single greatest reason people do not see the dentist is Fear.  It’s fear of a lot of things. It’s fear that they’re going to feel something.  It’s fear tat they’re going to be uncomfortable.  It may be that they think that you can’t get them numb, and sometimes it’s simply fear of the expense. But, fear is the single greatest reason why you don’t see people walk into a dental office.

And sometimes it’s unrealistic fear.  It’s something that they’ve heard from somebody else, and they now magnify it in their head, and it’s not a realistic fear, but it’s… to them it’s the real thing.

So for situations like this, a great way to help these people get over their fear of the dentist is to simply educate these people on what their options are when it comes to their oral health and smile.

It is not uncommon to see on the first or even the second appointment with a patient being nothing more than talking with them, helping them understand the situation and proving to them that this dental thing does not have to be something that is going to be an uncomfortable situation.

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