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dental tools instruments for dental professional
Dental Tools: Essential Instruments for Dental Professionals

Dental tools are the cornerstone of effective oral healthcare. Without them, achieving optimal dental health is nearly impossible. The importance of these instruments extends beyond routine cleanings and check-ups. Dental tools are essential for many specialized procedures, such as cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontal care, pediatric dentistry and oral surgery. Understanding the variety and functionality…

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do i really need a dental filling
Do I Really Need A Dental Filling?

Have you ever been told by a dentist that you have a cavity? Have been told by that same dentist that you need a dental filling? Have you ever wondered if they were actually telling you the truth? Well, the truth is if you showed the cavity in question to a number of different dentists,…

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does tooth decay really affect your heart
Does Tooth Decay Really Affect Your Heart?

So the question is, does tooth decay really affect your heart? And the answer is “no.”  But infection in the tissue or if tooth decay actually reaches the nerve of a tooth to the point that you now have a chronic or acute abscess, then in theory, you now have bacteria that’s circulating throughout your…

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How Does Your Dental Health Affect Your Overall Health?

Your mouth affects your health in a couple different ways. For instance, if you have discomfort in your mouth that makes it impossible for you to eat well,  then poor dental health will directly affect you nutritionally. On the other hand, let’s assume that you’re eating fine and everything feels fine, but you just don’t…

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How Often Should I Get X-Rays on My Teeth?

When it comes to how often you should get your teeth x-rayed, the bitewing x-ray schedule is a good guide to go by. Bitewing x-rays are taken approximately once a year.  These specific x-rays show between the teeth, which visually can’t be seen during a clinical exam. Depending on the patient, the dentist will take…

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